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7th October 2022

Race Qualification

To register Amazean Jungle Thailand by UTMB in 100 Miles, 100K and 50K distance, runners must have a valid UTMB Index, according to UTMB’s registration regulations.

A valid UTMB Index is achieved by completing at least one race of the UTMB World Series or a UTMB Index race in the relevant category within the previous 24 months.

How to check your UTMB Index

  1. Go to
    fill your name to search and click to view UTMB Index

  2. Create account Go to, fill your email and create account. You will see your own UTMB Index on the Profile page.

Search for a UTMB index races at

Remark :

  1. Please submit authentic document, random checking will be applied.

  2. Take a screenshot showing your UTMB Index or certificate to upload into the application system.